Walk to School: New Wattpad short

Zeo Ranger 3: Blue by DavidFernandezArt

I just published a new piece of short fiction to my Wattpad collection Dispatches from the Future (B-list). It’s free and early indications are that you’ll likely enjoy it.

I am the eldest member of three brothers, consequently much of my childhood memory is gendered male. Added to this, both of my children are also boys. The vicarious nature of being a parent, for me at least, has been colored with boy Crayola. Walk to School is a brief examination of all this set in a dystopian future where the average person carries an assault weapon to the grocery store.

Which brings me to the picture above, in the Power Ranger’s world there were many, many monsters. The bad guys seemed to show up everywhere, all the time as if they’re a common, everyday sort of occurrence. I always wondered, when my oldest would sit down and fixate on his favorite ninja like defenders, why everyone didn’t walk around in transforming power suits. Clearly there’s an escalation of technology going on in this world and if that’s the case then the good guys are losing.

Walk to School is what life looks like after we’ve lost.


Perlan 2 soaring to the edge of the atmosphere

In my book The Big Red Buckle, I image an endurance race of people soaring mountain waves at the edge of the Martian atmosphere. Humanity seems infinitely adaptable and well beyond our petty and violent squabbles sports are wonderful aspirational motivation. The thing is people don’t fight one another if there is a framework in place for them to constructively compete with one another.

Whether it’s pushing a body as fast as possible along the edge of aerodynamic science, figuring out how to travel across Austrailia on a tank of sunshine, or soaring a sailplane to the edge of space on a poorly understood atmospheric phenomenon I see these endeavours as critical elements in the continuing development of our collective capability. More needs to be done here, and more should be written about these sorts of ideas.

Today’s inspiration is the Perlan Project, which intends to soar a sailplane to 90,000 km above the surface of the Earth on a mountain wave.