Technical Sublime

In Le sublime technologique Mario Costa makes the case that new technologies – which are developing as an exorbitant, self-operating technological system – imply on the one hand the weakening of the subject and the disappearance of the art and of all related categories (beauty, style, artistic personality, expression, etc.). On the other hand, new technologies are at the origin of a new aesthetic dimension, the technological sublime, which is defined by new categories: the de-subjectivation of aesthetic production, the hyper-subject, and the suppression of the symbolic and the meaning.

I have often remarked that many of the technological systems that we use to support our contemporary outdoor activities have lost, in part some of the art used to create them.  However, these tools still serve the same functions as tools hand crafted for the purpose 50,000 years ago.  Arguably better, lighter, more durable these objects have created their own aesthetic.

This section of my site is dedicated to the evaluation of these tools, to improving and refining their application and toward the appreciation of self-sufficiency while on the trail, any trail.


Outdoor Research Paladin Jacket

2 thoughts on “Technical Sublime

  1. adapting this theory of the “technical sublime” to outdoor sports equipment is a fantastic concept! It made me think of a swiss brand that very few people know; “mover” . To my taste it is “sublime” and their philosophy is based around merino wool :)
    It is nice to see people exploring the world and equipped for it, continue your journey!

    • Holy cow! I totally missed this. Thanks Lisa, you too. Merino is an excellent example when you consider the new technologies behind the weaving and blending of the fur. The idea, it’s everywhere in outdoor equipment. The technological sublime drives a lot of us too, I like to seek it. Lights up my search circuit.

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