The Wish List

There’s always something new out there that I see and man would I love to try it.  And then there is the fact that I run through shoes.  I use up hydration powders.  I consume things and wear them out.  That’s just how it works.

This page is a running list of things I’d like to try, or things that I know I’d love to have more of in the future.  Use it if you’d like to find the perfect birthday gift for me.  Use it if you’d like to know where I’m headed, what I’m doing. I’ll be using it as a research and learn, and dream of the next big thing.

WAA Ultrabag® MDS 20L

Somewhere between the ultimate running ruck and the rubicon of light weight, self supported backpacking lies the Ultrabag. This thing is designed for the Marathon des Sables’, but I can imagine using it to fast trek the PCT or Nolan’s 14. There are just so many places this would be useful.

The fact that they get hydration out of a bladder bag (unless you need the surplus) and onto your shoulder straps is a major plus in my book. Also, weight can be balanced more completely between the front and rear making it possible to eat calories without need for the reach behind.

The design is just about perfect to load up for a weekend fast trek through the high country. Strap a sleeping quilt and bivy sac to the back, put your wrists through your poles and start climbing.

Brooks PureGrit2 Continuation

Another good shoe horribly butchered in the subsequent version. The PureGrit3, which I discovered while shopping for a replacement pair of 2’s in REI. The new version features a bunch of changes to the second design that make it unsuitable for people who loved the old version. ARGH!

My wish here is that Brooks continue to manufacture the old version, the PureGrit2, because it is possibly the most comfortable and capable multi-surface running shoe I have had the pleasure of putting on my feet. The PureGrit 3? Not interested!

La Sportiva C-Lite v1.0 Motha Fuckas

Yes La Sportiva! You did something so right, and then just like everyone else, you went and changed it. In fact you changed it so much that you might as well stop doing it all together now.

The original Crosslites are awesome. I love to run in this shoe so much that I have a pile that would make a trail running termite colony jealous. And yet, about every 700 to 1000 miles, just like clockwork out pokes my little toes through the side wall of the shoe.

I’ve tried visiting your US distribution center to talk to someone who cares about this little flaw, but I was basically told they didn’t want my old shoes and “why not buy something new?”

Why? Because I like the first version of this shoe just fine. I’ve put thousands of miles on this shoe and never gotten hurt or broken. I can feel the trail with this shoe, and the trail, in turn, feels me (your tread pattern is the best!). Rocks? Not a problem.

Size 44 or 45

Smartwool PHD Run Medium Mini

Nice, well padded, going-to-last-more-than-one-trail-run, socks. If it gets much longer than 10 miles I’ll probably have an extra set in the pack. In addition to the pile of shoes I’ve run through I’ve also got a somewhat larger pile of socks I’ve run through. I work with them, try and make them last longer, but eventually there’s nothing for it but to grin bear the purchase of some new ones.

Right now my favorites are these Smartwool runners with an ankle and some padding.  Darker is better because there is indeed trail dirt I’ll never get out of them.

Size: L

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