Ootek – Camper

The ARE MX topper is a very nice addition to any rig, but with the short bed on the Tacoma Double Cab I highly recommend the optional hatch door on the backside. When it is open you can stand under the hatch and keep off the rain and snow. It is a built in hardshell awning.

Engineer Pass

I’ve had to move the topper around twice and reset the C-clamps that hold the topper down at the same time. But, once I worked out the kinks the topper has stayed welded to the truck bed even with the extra weight of the roof top tent atop and some pretty serious hammering on traversing jeep trails last summer. Total clearance after the lift is about 221 cm (just over 7 feet) which means that most drive throughs and parking garages are still open to Ootek.

03.12.13 – The ARE MX topper arrived yesterday, but the tool box come mobile kitchen had to be cut down to fit the shorter bed of the 03 Tacoma.  The weather today was cold, windy and snowy so all the detail work that I did last weekend was for nothing.  By the time I made it out to Scotty’s Truck Toppers Ootek was covered in a thick, nasty coat of ice and grime.  Oh well.

I only took a couple of photos of the installation, but take a look.

Completed the bed cleaning and mounted the AutoHome Maggiolina GT today. Big thanks to my friend Luke for the help lifting the awkward thing up there and getting it bolted down.

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