Ootek – Interior

Its very important to me to keep the interior of Ootek clean and orderly.  I also don’t much appreciate extraneous lighting, buttons or cords.  The stock Toyota dash and interior tend toward minimalist, however, the electronics are not integrated with modern communications devices and the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired.

I’ve upgraded the stereo receiver with a Kenwood DPX-500BT CD Receiver which offers tight integration with Apple’s many tablets and devices via Bluetooth protocol. Additionally, it has auxiliary USB and 3mm input ports in the faceplate. The feature that I’m most happy about with this deck is that the illumination is programable so that I can compel it to match the interior lighting of the vehicle or turn it off completely. While driving at night this will allow me to maintain night vision much better.

The Scan Gauge II mounted center is muted and well organized too, once its been installed with the cord behind the dash.

Seats are covered with ballistic Cordura custom made by CoverKing. Having a toddler means that I’ll routinely have spills and other messes to clean up.

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