Up Slope

Far from Earth, below the surface of the iced moon of Jupiter, researchers are working to pry secrets from the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Janelle Star spends her free time training for race day riding over the frozen surface of Europa. Her rover-bike partner Freja Nelson — young, smart and vibrant — is running out of time to decide what she will do with her life.

This novella is the second in Matthew Alan Thyer’s “sports in space” series. Humanity has survived environmental and atmospheric calamity and begun to move out into the stars. And sport still plays a vital role in our day-to-day affairs. Up Slope tells the story of a gifted athlete and her mentor making a way for themselves.

40005 / 40000 (100.01%)

Counterfeit Horizon

CounterfeitHorizonCover_NaNoA industrial spy runs for his life. Greedy street thugs, religious zealots and anti-GMO militants work tirelessly to suppress the rise of an optimized humanity. And designer bioaugmentation, created to live symbiotically within the body of its host, is indiscriminately released into the wild.

Counterfeit Horizon is a near future science fiction thriller that spans the globe.

Cover Art: Jeffrey Witty

50106 / 75000 (66.81%)


A short mémoire about trail running, back country and the rescue of Jim Nee along the Pacific Crest Trail. Previously, I’ve told these stories to friends and the interested, they appear piecemeal through out blogs and in news articles, but I’ve never taken the time to consolidate the threads into a narrative. This short will include my observations and memories from the summer of 2009, allude to the many decisions that lead me up the PCT on that afternoon in August, and touch on the importance of Wilderness, trails associations, and Mountain Search and Rescue.

This piece is being written with the intent of submission to Amazon Kindle Singles program. If for some reason it does not make it into this program, I will publish through FeetForBrains as a ebook.

1019 / 30000 (3.40%)

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