Ugh, Glue Fumes

Dirty Skins

So I added clamps to the list of things to use.  Above you can see how dirty this set of skins is.  A lot of that is fur from my gloves, but some of its is just dirt from skiing in marginal conditions.  So skins are clamped down and ironed per instructions.


Paper bag is used to soak up the nasty with the iron.  The brown on the right is the second pass I did on this section of skin.  That’s dirt embedded in glue that transfers pretty easily with the iron.  At this point I’m super happy, but the fumes are starting to get to me a bit, so I open a window.

Tail section

This is the tail section of the skin, it took several passes to clear up all the dirt and goo from this area.

Skins hanging to dry

Once the skin is cleaned then you hang them to dry for about 30 minutes.  I set my watch and let them settle.  Then added another thin layer of glue, the second coat was more difficult because its harder to spread thin because of the tackiness.  Another 30 minute wait and then the third coat, now they’ll dry over night and I’ll try them in the morning.

Nice and sticky, no nasty

Closeup of a skin after its been cleaned and re-glued.  This should work pretty darn nicely.

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