Day Two Ultimate Hydration

What a freaky day! The morning went ok, I worked on getting things done on my bike. Spent some time taking recycling to the center and checked up on Zeno (which needs new engine mounts).

Around 11:00 I came home to fill out some paper work and make some phone calls. That’s when auras and the shaking got going. After a number of phone calls I went to the dentist to check up on my gums (the medication can make them swell). By the time I left, well hydrated none the less, the auras and shaking were down right annoying so I walked.

On the way home I stopped at a yoga center and ended up doing an session. Lots of water and a very restorative session and the shaking, dizziness and auras were gone. I actually felt pretty calm and even a little happy.

I worked some more on my bike this afternoon, had dinner with Tess and her mother and then packed for the trip to Grand Junction tomorrow morning. Only a little hand shaking this evening and I still feel pretty good.

No nap today but a boat load of water. The yoga wasn’t very stressful, but it really seemed to open things up and I felt much better when we were done.

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