PNES Update

So early Tuesday morning I left Gunnison with my friend Ben and headed down to Grand Junction. My objective was to spend some time with my oldest son Justin who was visiting on his spring break and to attempt to sit down with my Neurologist to get some clarity around what I need to do next.

Tuesday was ok, but I’ve been experiencing more symptoms in social situations. By early Tuesday afternoon I think I had had enough and while sitting and practicing some breathing and yoga exercises I seized. The rest of the day was sort of long and slow as I just didn’t have much energy.

Wednesday Justin and I rode down into town with my Dad. He needed some time to get some work done on his truck. I needed time to get my errands done and spend some time riding with Justin. We rode around town, got an appointment with the neurologist, and later went to see a movie with Justin. I was fine until we took Justin back to his mother. The shakes and auras caught up with me super quick even though the encounter was generally pleasant. Dad took me back up the hill and again I was wiped out even though my cousin.

Thursday Dad took me down to the valley and after my appointment we spent some time burning time waiting for Ben’s seminar to get out. No shakes, no auras. I felt more or less happy too. The ride back to Gunnison went pretty well too although later I found myself wondering if I said or did something that should have embarrassed me. I felt some anxiety of the drive and our conversations.

Last night this cold really hit me hard. I coughed myself awake most of the night and got very fitful sleep.

Today I worked on cleaning up my garage and getting it ready to organize my shop and office. My ski storage system is up, but after I completed this I was beat and took a nap. Again coughing didn’t help, but the rest was welcome.

The medication still wipes me out, but I also think its helping dull the effects of the symptoms.

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