Found Me a Head Doctor

She’s not named Freud, but I’ve got a meeting tomorrow morning to chase this rabbit down its hole.  I had a basic interview with someone at the clinic today and they all seemed like nice people so I’m trying to remain optimistic and maybe a little hopeful about this.

I haven’t mentioned recently recurrence of seizures, but last night I had one.  The best part, and may be this is a kind of morbid humor on my part, was that it was in bed after Tess and the baby had already fallen asleep.  I’m certain it was a seizure however, because when I came back to myself my head was pressed up against the night stand and I missed a pretty significant portion of my audio book.  Still no real idea of how long it was.

Right now I’m having them every four to six days or about once a week.  I usually know when they’re going to hit me because I usually start shaking in my hands and head and then it feels like I’m in a tunnel or underwater.  And I always feel dizzy or like I can’t control my eyes and they’re looking around independently without my input.

Recently there haven’t been that many stressors, but maybe I’m missing something?  The one before last night was at my folk’s place I think last Tuesday.  I recall that one really well because I had it right in front my older son Justin and I still feel like a heal about it.  But we carry on, right?

Anyway, wish me luck with the shrink tomorrow, maybe this hare will lead to the Queen.

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