Made the Decision

Folks, bills are rolling in from hospitals and physicians alike and for the first time in a long time I’m faced with mounting medical costs and reduced to no income for a time. I’ve already burnt through my medical savings funds and started chipping away at the nest egg.  Stuck between a rock and a hard place?  Yes!  Without options, no.

I’ve been selling “things” off in an effort to stay ahead of the bills.  While it pains me to turn a perfectly good paragliding wing (for instance) into “Hospital Care IAA V47” let’s face facts.  There are much easier and less painful ways for me to kill myself than going flying given my current situation.

So now comes the really painful part, some of you may know how much effort I’ve put into building Zeno in the last three years.  Those of you who don’t know what Zeno is are about to find out.  In 2009 I more rescued than bought a 1983.5 Volkswagen Vanagon Diesel L tin-top.  Since then I’ve have worked using quite a bit of my available free time to transform this abused and formerly neglected into my vision of the perfect over land mode of transport.  Word of caution: its not done yet.

So, since I cannot drive and since future hope of driving is largely contingent upon a long term lack of seizures what I have right now is a machine that sits in my driveway causing me a great deal of angst.  I’ve made the decision to sell Zeno.


Some of the things I have done to this van are listed below:

  • Rebuilt Trans Axle with Daryl, 4th and 5th stood up
  • Rebuilt fuel pump * Replaced engine (1.6l trash to 1.9l with AAZ Head)
  • Replaced CVs with Porche 930 kit from Burley
  • Replaced front and rear wheel bearings
  • Replaced A-Arms with custom fabricated from Burley
  • Replaced springs and struts with GW 2″ lift
  • Added TiberTech high top
  • Added custom RV-Tech Camper Interrior Cabinets
  • Added IBS battery monitoring and AUX system
  • Replaced coolant hoses with GreaseWorks custom fab
  • Replaced stereo
  • Added Origo Marine Stove
  • 15″ SA Black Powder Coated Rims with correct lugs/nuts
  • BFG 215/75R15 ATs all around
  • Added Fiamma F45S 10m awning

Many other improvements and customizations.  I was planning on pulling the windows this year and replacing the seals all around after completing paint work (flat khaki).  Additionally, with the AUX system is in place, I have not yet run any of the AUX appliances (LEDs, music, power sockets, etc).  The van could use a new set of injectors (1.9l Turbos) and will eventually require a new head (poor spray pattern).  Also it needs new engine mounts.  The timing belt is in great shape.  The cold advance knob actually works.  And with all the front end work and lift it now drives and handles like a dream.

UPDATE: I created a page under the Garage Sale stuff for the van and added a bunch of images and information on the van. You can read about it here.

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