The Anti-Awesomeness of Insurance Companies and the US Health Care System

I’m sitting at my desk this morning wondering how much money I could have saved over the years if and only if I would have made decisions which kept me from paying a fucking red cent into an insurance program. Especially health care and disability programs.

The last month has been challenging to say the least. I’ve discovered that its about the same amount of work to take time off from work to heal and hopefully get better. I’ve had seizures which are the result of stressing out about my employment situation and pursuit of coverage to get me and my family through this period.

I’ve had to hold the hands of some of my health care providers trying to guide them in the right direction while trying to stay off the floor.  The waiting, and oh the waiting.  I don’t think getting someone to call be back when I was dating was quite so difficult.

Of course there’s a pile of bills.

My favorite thus far is the mixed message I’m getting from between Prudential and Microsoft.  The insurance company has explicitly said Microsoft can and will make reasonable accommodations for this condition so that they wont have to pay any more out than is absolutely necessary.  Microsoft has previously said, don’t come back until you’re better because if you make a mistake, regardless of if its the result of this condition I find myself with, they’ll hold it over my head come review time.

Now the baby is crying, so I guess I’ll go take care of that.

And it turns out, the VA has chossen this very moment to add just that little bit more to this cluster event. You guys can sit and spin, seriously?

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