Weight Loss

Damn! This morning I spent some time working on the garage which included biking our recycling over to the recycling center. I’ve been feeling fatigue pretty much constantly lately. It just kind of washes over me, but I don’t really have the energy to move up the beach.

Yesterday I was weighed, and holy cow, I’m down nearly 20 pounds. On the bike ride today I noticed how skinny (and pale) my legs look. My arms and chest feel like I spent the day rowing. And I don’t really even want to talk about my neck and back. None of my pants fit anymore. That’s what months of being sick will do to you.

In good news I get to come off the Keppra. Over the next two weeks. Next week I’ll be meeting with the psychologist for the first time and were going to discuss some other medication options. Not thrilled, but keep the door open until the decision heuristics can show the correct path.

It’s sunny and a little windy right now; I’m camped out at The Bean at the moment enjoying some company, a little Joe, and the shade. I may head back to the house and work some. Ore on the garage. Maybe get some more junk online for sale. Anyone need a haul sack for a paraglider?

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