What a Day

Let me tell you, today was the closest I’ve been to having another seizure in a while.  In the kitchen, doing dishes, had to sit down on the floor while the auras washed over me.  I blacked out a little bit too, but I don’t think that qualifies.  Anyway, this post was going to be about that brief moment in time, but in hind sight it was such a small and insignificant part of my day that it really doesn’t deserve that much attention.

Many better things occurred today. In fact, the day started off with many unexpected pleasures and bonus moments. At about 4:30 this morning I woke up because it was quiet. I mean really, really quiet. The kind of silence you get in a deep in a cave or way out in a wilderness before the sun comes up. At first I was a little tweaked off by this because heh, I like to sleep as much as the next guy. I tried to go back to sleep, but it was no use, so I got up and took the dogs out for a walk around the neighborhood.

It was quiet because the power had gone off throughout most of the town about 35 minutes before I woke. Better, almost no one was out driving anywhere. I soaked in the sounds of life waking up with me. Meadow larks were audible as the Sun’s rays bent over Microwave hill. I could hear little creatures rustling in the tall grass by the irrigation ditch. I could hear the water flowing in the irrigation ditch!

When I got back to the house Aral had woke up too and wasn’t going back to sleep either. Got him dressed and we rode my bike down to the coffee shop for some a cup and something to eat. We spent two hours talking, exploring and meeting people as they came and went. Great fun was had and Mommy got an opportunity to catch some more Z’s.

Later in the morning I went to visit Marylin at the SBDC, I’ve got a draft version of a business plan for Hinterland done. No small task, especially considering I’ve been working on it in short bursts over a long time. We discussed it and talked about next steps. It was exciting and good to feel passionate and capable once again.

This afternoon, after his nap, Aral and I devised a new way to entertain ourselves. We visited the park over by the rec center and played for an hour in the ditch. More or less wading up and down the ditch in our clogs and throwing rocks and floating sticks. He’d still be out there if I hadn’t haled him back to the house. On the way back we tootled around town for a bit on the bike and ran into this fine sight.


Dinner was Copper River Salmon and roasted veggies I made out on the grill. There wasn’t a morsel left and man I sort of wish I could make a candy you could suck on that tasted like that marinade I made for the vegetables.

Aral went to sleep pretty quickly tonight and I’ve been reading and watching TED talks. I went up stairs (my office is now down in the garage/workshop) to get some tea and while I was pouring the hot water I looked out the window and my jaw dropped through the floor. This photo doesn’t do it any justice, but what a fabulous sunset. I stood out in the field until it was dark swatting mosquitoes with a big grin on my mug.

Hell Yeah, I live here!

So I could complain — I mean Mitt Romney is still a wanker and climate change news rates second to stories of waked out dudes eating each other — but I’ll tell you this, that’s not my reality. And hell, I didn’t actually have the seizure, just brushed up close reminding me to stay positive, find ways to show my gratitude, and enjoy the fact that I’m still standing.

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