Time to Lay the Smack Down

Peanut, its peanuts I tell you! Not that I’m sitting around watching CSPAN or anything, but I have been watching the progress of the new Transportation funding and authorization bill now in the house. What is incredibly interesting to me is how much time these bozos can spend nit picking the smalls stuff, when they should be looking for ways to save big money.

Currently, your house Rep. is looking for ways to cut a provision in section 1113 of MAP-21 that gives mayors and local communities a voice in transportation decisions to build the sidewalks, crosswalks, and bikeways that keep people (you know the “vulnerable users” we just talked about) safe. In comparison to the transportation funding that goes to things like Highway maintenance the section 1113 funding doesn’t even register. Yet for some strange reason, the powers that be feel compelled to quibble over the pittance pedestrian and cycle advocates have eked out over two generations.

So, without further adieu I’m calling on my friends, family, and readers to take five whole minutes of their day to send a letter to their representatives and their senators expressing their concern over the loss of section 1113. And to make it even easier on you, you can use this here web form to reach out and knock all three of these people in your area at once.

The Senate took positive steps to help make walking and biking safer in their bill, but those provisions are under attack as the House and Senate negotiate for a final transportation bill. The Senate crafted a bipartisan plan to give local governments more control over a share of state transportation dollars, giving them access to money to make streets safer for everyone that needs to use them through more investments in biking and walking.

I asked my senators and representative to defend this provision and hope that you’ll join me.


Thanks so much for your help!

How easy was that? Seriously you may have just saved me, or your grand child, or that crazy guy on his bike in your town from become a meat patty on hot pavement and it hardly cost you anything.

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