Playing the Symptom Matching Game

So I’ve got and had my list of symptoms for a while. They’ve varied in severity and impact to my life since this whole damn mess started, but all of them have been present since the start.

I’ve just spent a couple of hours playing the symptom matching game. In this game, you get to play your own healer. You get to sort through endless online medical texts, medical journals and even some spiritual healing information. I’ve found the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery simultaneously helpful and horrifying.

In fact, I’m stressing myself out so I’m going to move on for the evening. Titanium and titanium alloys can be problematic, especially in patients who break or wear out their prosthetic. Many of the symptoms listed seem to nicely and unfortunately coincide with what I’ve experienced. And this is me reminding myself that I’ve taken notes and written this all down so that when and if I ever need to scare the tar out of myself all I need do is consult said notes; Fred Krueger can suck it.

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