Easily Digestible Bits

Some of you have mentioned in comments here, on Facebook and on Goodreads that you’re interested in reading some of the stuff that I’ve been digging into recently. A lot has been said about both JHK‘s works as well as some of the Transition Community and Resilience building books.

I took up one of the suggestions I’ve been reading about recently. Specifically, renting and watching the documentary “End of Suburbia“. This film is available on Amazon via their instant download service as well.

I can recommend the film as a cheap and easy way to become more informed about the problems, specifically the problems of Peak Energy pose to industrialized and sub-urbanized societies all over. It does a very good job of calling out all the salient points and then drawing very easy to understand conclusions that will result.

The film is not very good at proposing any solutions. It also does not really address environmental complications such as climate change or global warming. Nonetheless, if you don’t finish the film and feel a rising fear or apprehension you didn’t get it. That said, if you don’t have a lot of time (for reading in depth analysis in book form) and you’re interested this is a good place to start. And who knows, after watching “End of Suburbia” you may be able to carve out some time to gain a deeper understanding of the situation.

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