Thank You Twitter

Normally I would have missed something like this, but today while reading snippets of information from my twitter feed I noticed a recommendation that immediately caught my attention. A not-for-profit out of the Seattle area called Undriving. Their intent is to reduce car use for individuals as well as around the world.

Asian Brown Cloud

With stories like this one popping up daily I think its important to address this problem. Asia is currently experiencing a car boom which is resulting in 2.1 million people dying early in that region. Often from preventable diseases. Oddly enough, its fairly easy to look at Asia and say “well yea”. But hold on there twinkle toes, while this is an emergent issue on the east side of the Pacific Rim, its a well established issue here in the west.

LA’s Daily Dose of Smog

So while its easy to blame folks over the Pacific Ocean for pollution we’re unlikely to see, we’re equally if not increasingly responsible for the same kind of climate altering, child killing air pollution.

So, back to my super enjoyable twitter discovery. Much of the air pollution that contributes to conditions such as asthma or, take your pick, climate change is a direct result of vehicle exhaust. Recognizing this and taking individual responsibility for the pollution you produce is THE first step in controlling this chronic problem. Better for me too, then I don’t have to breath your car farts.

Undriving is attempting to get you to think about how and where you drive. How you might take some responsibility to reduce your car use. And making you aware of what some alternatives might be to help you get around otherwise. I really like their approach too, it doesn’t rely on scaring the bejesus out of you in order to prompt a change.

If you’re interested in making a change or even considering your options (and its almost the New Year, you’re going to need some resolutions) Undriving is a great place to start. Go take a look!

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