Don’t Read the Comments

Just read a story about how we’re on the “edge” of a climate crisis. Immediately, I’m thinking the edge was a long time ago — back when there were only 350 PPM of CO^2 in the atmosphere and > +1 degree rise in average global temperature. So I finish the story, in which the author talks about critical anthropogengic emission levels without actually naming them, because, well we passed that threshold a long time ago and it wouldn’t make his story seem like there was impending doom if the doom were already upon us (anyone else noticed the steady stream of drought stories seeping in from all parts of North America as well as most of the Northern Hemisphere? Me too.).

Anyway, I fired up after reading this article that should have been written back in 2001 so I space bar it down to the comments section thinking “I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.” There is the text form where I can. I begin to type away, eventually exhausting my anger and frustration. I hit publish. Then, possibly to be sure I’m a human who might feel rage, I have to hit publish again. Finally my little two paragraph moment in the sun appears — right above some crack pot who believes that climate change is caused by “solar super storm”, I mean look at Pluto.

ARGH! I tell you I can’t take this any longer. Who among you bothers to read anything any more. Shit man, did you make it this far into this rage-o-gram? So lesson learned, don’t read the comments section of unmoderated news outlets. Rather take a moment, collect your senses when a news article tweaks your nose, and post about it here. When the crack pots come a’callin never fear, you can introduce them to the circle file.

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