Zee Very Cold Bike Ride

This morning Tess gave me a break from the house to go be Ski Patrol Matt. I knew it was chilly outside so I bundled up, loaded up the Mule and then headed out for the GRONK.

I do believe that the temperature was sell below freezing and possibly even zero. Last night there were very few clouds and when this happens the mornings in the valley are just darn, nipple-twisting cold. When I left the house there wasn’t any loose snow on the roads. All frozen solid. This makes riding on the snow really easy, especially if you pull your collar up over your nose and breath into something wool.

Riding over the hill to town I was, of course, passed by a number of American made vehicles all blowing their exhaust out into my face. I decided that, perhaps a little early, I was going to act on one of my New Year’s resolutions, and ignore the frustrating little things while paying attention to the grand and beautiful. Sure enough, looking up the valley there were crisp, and I mean razor sharp, blue skies above mountains that can only be described as el grande blank. Holy cow this is a beautiful place.

I did my stick at the trail head, even got a short run in up to the yurt, then came home. What a B E A utiful place.

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