I’m beginning to believe that there is a need to enter the word “greyhound” in Urban Dictionary. After Justin and I got our tickets from will call on Amtrak it became apparent that the return trip via the train just wasn’t going to happen, holiday traffic and all that threatened. So I started by looking for a cheap way back.

Greyhound: 1) noun A perfectly viable and sustainable business ruined by consistent and universally awful/ignorant customer service. example: Greyhound fucked it again, I’ll walk before I give them any money.

2)verb To botch up something easy by being a complete idiot or employing complete morons. example: I’d say he fucked that one up, but that’s too generous. I’m forced to say that he pulled a complete Greyhound there.

Greyhound, you’re so bad its actually sort of amusing. I know its difficult to answer phone calls with any sort of politeness or can do, especially when people want to give you money, but there are other carriers out there. You should be aware that I called Black Hills and they don’t employ complete idiots on crack.

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