And So It Begins

I had to be patient.  I didn’t get up earlier enough to get my run in, not that it would have mattered.  It was -33°F this morning.  I had things to do all day too.  Took Aral to the doctor, went to the grocery store, picked up meds, got Aral a hair cut, and visited the chiropractor.  All important things and there just wasn’t 15 minutes let alone an hour for me to get out and run.  Until tonight.

After an amazing yet simple dinner I get dressed for it, made sure the batteries were fresh, turned on my blinky, and headed up Brush Creek Rd for a four mile loop.

Time: 50:39
Distance: 4.23 miles
Avg Speed: 5.0 MPH

I could see parts of Orion and Jupiter shining through a whole in the clouds. There was enough moisture in the air that there was ice crystalizing around me. And the steady “snoik, snoik” of my shoes on the hard packed snow was super nice.

Now for bed…

And So It Begins by feetforbrains at Garmin Connect – Details.

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