Splitting It Up

My intention today was to take care of the whole six miles on my training calendar in one go while pulling Aral around in the Chariot. It was sunny this morning and it warmed up a bit too, and so I decided to take the two of us out for a ski and bring the dogs along with.

Poop Loop Tour by feetforbrains at Garmin Connect – Details.

Ski patrol hat and badge on I headed out around the Poop Loop. The dogs had a great time, but after my first loop they were done so I headed back to the house to check them into the casa. They made it up, but then one of the neighborhood dogs decided that she wanted to come along with me. Tried to call her owner, even took her to her door with no answer. Meh, Aral had woke up so I decided I’d just get the rest when he went to bed.

This evening rolled around and it was about time, I suited back up and hit the trail.

Evening Make Up Run by feetforbrains at Garmin Connect – Details.

Ok, so I went a little long. Who could blame me, it was B-E-A utiful out there tonight. Not a cloud in the sky, pretty chilly, but not a cloud in the sky. Orion was hanging overhead and so I soaked it up, maybe a little too much, but soaked it up.

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