Day One – Video EEG

So here I sit and already my ass is sorta sticking to the bed and uncomfortable. If I have seizures this week (which I’m supposed to try and have oddly enough) we can blame it on some combination of uncomfortable hospital beds, their vinyl covers, and pinched nerves in my bum.

The camera is looking right at me at the moment. I’m trying not to pay any attention to it, but its sort of unnerving. I feel a bit like an orangoutang at the National Zoo I saw when I was a kid. You could tell that he was tired of the kids leaning up against the big windows and peering down at him so he had crawled up into a hammock and was pretending he was hanging out in a jungle. Which he clearly was not, and which he was clearly failing to muster the necessary imagination to avoid even acknowledging the lines of goggle eyed brats giving him the stink eye.

Oh well, I will prevail (if I ration my tea and find things to keep my mind off the itching EEG cap on my head).

Post Script: I’ve already made the call for friends and or relatives to come and visit. But I’ll repeat the open call here just in case you’re in the neighborhood. I have a feeling things are going to get sort of lonely sitting here in this room.

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