Day Two – Oh The Scalp Itch

Today has been a long day. Long like the first day of a ten year sentence, that kind of lone, without the worry of a dropped bar of soap. I woke up as usual when the sun came up and I’ve been bored beyond belief ever since. Predictable yes, endurable sure, but wow is it boring.

They’ve tried several things to make me have seizures today. None of them have worked and the closest I’ve gotten was some dizziness after stepping over my cords to untangle them around noon. The strobe didn’t do much at all and the hyperventilation just gave me dry mouth. Right now I’ve been asked to endure some sleep deprivation just in case that might do it.

On another note, the sleeplessness shouldn’t be difficult, my head itches from the probe glue. I’m trying to endure that gracefully. If I run and jump out the window you might imagine its because I couldn’t take the itching any more.

That and I wish right now that I had some chocolate. That would be really nice.

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