Nolan 14

15 July 11 Shavano Sunset Wide

I wanted to take some time to explain a little about my recent decision and training goal to run the Nolan 14. As some of you who have read and/or are keeping up with my training goals have no doubt figured out, this summer I want to get distance up to Matt Normal Level. I’d love to go run some races too, but less for the opportunity to run a race and more for the enjoyment of running with other people. And because the MNL requires some really long, mostly in the back country, even better if its in wilderness distances I’ve been researching places and courses I might attempt.

Mount Elbert and Clouds 1

I want and need to get up this summer. And I mean high! Until Andy the Neuro Tech and I got to talking I was thinking of a circumnavigation of South Park which would talk me over much of the Mosquitos and through some other fine places, mostly staying above 10k. There are a number of problems with this one however, including the big one of some access issues. Much of South Park is private which means there would either be some long stretches without potential of support or a whole lot of driving for anyone willing to bring me food and water via the backside.

Andy said “have you thought about the Nolan 14?” Honestly, I’d never heard of the Nolan 14, but he explained that it was a geographically bound course set up in the 90s through the Sawatch Range. Ok, that’s just crazy, I love the Sawatch and I’ve previously summited pretty much everything between Massive in the north and Shavano down south. Turns out that you’re supposed to attempt summiting all 14 of the 14ers between these two points in 60 hours or less.

That there looks like a goal and with some encouragement perhaps there are a few friends that might be interested in running it with me, even for stretches.

I’m going to target late August or early September for this (and screw Burning Man you’ve all gotten too pretentious for your own shinny pants any how) so help me mark up my calendar if you’d like to run all, some or help support the run. If no one is interested or volunteers I’ll go it alone and it may mean I just bag fewer peaks and need to hitchhike back to the start.

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