Day Whatever – This is What Gilligan Felt Like

Its day three, I actually do know this, but it feels like day whatever because there appears to be little to differentiate day and nighttime activity and because last night I stayed up until about 03:00 in order to help the seizures fairy along her merry way. I feel a little tired, but not really wasted or on the verge of a seizure or anything like that.

Yesterday I had a button push on the machine when I, because I can’t stand poorly organized cable, decided to untwist the cable that comes from the back of the electrode receiver to the wall. Because this is anchored at two ends it meant stepping over the cable repeatedly until the twist was gone. When it got it untwisted I was dizzy, really dizzy, so I hit the button. But by the time the floor’s nursing staff showed up it had passed.

I’m fairly certain that this is what Gilligan felt like. I’m surrounded by well meaning strangers whom I don’t know and who don’t know me. We’re all sort of washed up here on this shore randomly too, which, at least in me, is cause for a little anxiety. I never know if my chuckle (or if you know me well, my boisterous laugh) is rubbing people the wrong way. And I’m craving human companionship so I’m internally torn between trying to make friends of these people who keep coming in my room and not wanting to bother them.

So I say again, if you have some spare time and are in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and say hello. I could use some familiar companionship. We can talk about all that fresh pow pow we’re missing or maybe the running we’ll do when I get out.

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