Wild Ants

These are the kind that live in your pants, yes the ants. I have an infestation of them pretty bad right now. The EEG cap is off, and I’m waiting for discharge orders and someone to pull the IV. There is a baby down the hall who periodically screams (I think a visitor) and a dude across the way from me who is out-the-fuck-of-it. Oh he got their attention, stood up and his bed monitor went off playing “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes.”

I think I hate that song now, and I know that one some long run real soon that’s what I’m going to hear over and over again in my head.

Sounds like he tried to pull out his tubes and monitors again too. Maybe pulled sutures and a catheter too. Now he’s bitching because it hurts? Yea, its time to move on that’s for sure. What an angry old bastard.

So a whole week off the meds and no seizures? What does that mean? Well for the time being it means that I can go a little while with locking up. I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate why this might be the case. Here are some possibilities.

  • I’m all better: Especially after the last year, this one requires an exceptional reliance on magical-thinking. God must have come down from above and performed a miraculous neurosurgery. At this point I’m glad to have a few hundred milligrams of Epitol on board. In any event, I’d prefer to drive with medication on board, seems safer than faith.
  • Changes to diet have helped: This one actually makes some sense, and has some evidence to back it up. At the beginning of January it occurred to me that my diet was on the stinky side and declining. Thus, it was resolved to eat better. For me this meant signing off the meat train for a while, possibly for good. Limiting processed foods and reducing sugar to a very limited amount. I read Scott Jurek’s new book too and have taken some of the advice there close to heart.Since I showed up at the hospital my diet has declined drastically. Hospital food is sad at best. I feel the difference plenty at the end of this week and I plan on getting back on the bandwagon as soon as I’m able. Tonight some dahl or a visit to Whole Foods.
  • Running and Skiing: The other thing that happened about the same time as the diet change was for me to get back out on a regular basis for some trail therapy. This has resulted in generally improved moods to be sure, but also I’ve actually gained a little weight back. Combined with me dropping the Wellburtrine and I mostly feel like a regular dude. Or, well, actually as regular a dude as I’m ever going to be.
  • In any event the running must continue. I’m stoked to get out of here so that I can hit the trails near Boulder early tomorrow morning before heading back to CB. Its given me something to look forward to all week and now comes the payoff.

The ants are biting me bad right now, I wish this guy would just go back to sleep so that the nurses will have time to finish things up with me. If you have a sleep ray, point it this direction.

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