Boulder Backcountry Bikes

We’ve just had two solid days of rain (not snow) so spring must be here.  This means its about time to get out on the bike and this year I’ve decided that I don’t want to tour alone.  I’ve created a MeetUp group with the intent of helping others and helping myself.  I want to help others who are interested in the idea of cycle touring and bike-packing.  “Mr. Loads of Experience” here is willing to exchange his years of trial-and-error for your company on day and two day (otherwise known as S24O rides) in the area.

Thus, Boulder Backcountry Bikes is born.  Our first event is scheduled for this weekend, and you’re welcome to join us.  Right now the group is pretty small (myself and one other), but that’s why we have blogs isn’t it?  Shameless self promotion.  Everyone is welcome regardless of experience or speed, and I plan on bringing at least one six-pack.

See you there?

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