Overland Travel Racing Continued

My personal favorites in the 2013 Sun Trip

Its news like this that makes me, at first, want to drop my current projects and dig into “Driving Heat”. Then I read a little more and what I want to do is start cutting and reforming Scout 2 into a hybrid human-solar powered vehicle ready to take on the world.

Scout 2 as a platform for Solar Racer?

With no University or corporate sponsorship these riders are independently developing long distance hybrid overland travel as a mode of long distance travel. Add to this that they’re also doing this in a setting which is decidedly hostile (Have you ever tried to ride your bike in heavy traffic, up a pass, in blistering sun? No imagine doing it on 6 meter long recumbent trike.)

I wonder why there isn’t more of this in the US? Why there isn’t NGO or even corporate sponsorship for this kind of thing?

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