Its not every day that you encounter something that gets your juices flowing and reminds you how good it is to be alive. There is the meme most of us are strapped with. The lowered expectation that life is supposed to be that mundane and that full of frustration and that full of ennui.

Folks lift your heads up, look around. I’ve got a two year old who is playing out on the patio. He is talking to himself and creating a story about who knows what, I could ignore this and focus on the fact that there is a pile of laundry waiting for me. Or I could do the job that is in front of me while paying attention to something that matters.

I noticed on FB and spent the couple of seconds it will take you to consume.

THE BOY WHO FLIES – Trailer from Benjamin Jordan on Vimeo.

The first fifteen seconds are like the opening of a prize fight where the favorite walks into the ring, touches gloves with his unlikely opponent and gets socked in the jaw so hard he spends the next 20 minutes drooling on the mat.

My name is Benjamin. I’m 30 years old. Canadian. And by now I’ve done all the things I’ve ever wanted to do. All I’ve got left are those things I’m supposed to do.

Wait for it, because this gets better. You need to wait for the end flight sequence where Godfrey launches out into the void on his own with a ratty pink wing above his head.

I’m going to head back down stairs and watch my son playing for a while. I’m going to soak in it, because, sometimes desire is not an act with motivation pushing behind it. Sometimes desire is just the realization of a moment flowing through our heart.

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