Heading Out for MattCon 2013

Ermahgerd it’s got to be at least 50% humidity and freakishly hot outside this afternoon. Plus the A/C was set to fan most of the day so the house is just nasty right now. It took me hours to figure out why I was sweating through t-shirt after t-shirt.

My folks are heading to the high country of the Colorado San Juans, and Aral and I are going to join them for a couple of days. I’m downloading manuscripts and packing my PV panel so I can remain productive while away. I cannot afford to lose any golden time right now and I might be able to redouble my focus sitting at a picnic table or under a tree if I’m lucky.

That and its bound to be less humid and a whole lot cooler on the west side of the Rockies. Ugh!

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