NaNo Jitters

I just got back from my first NaNoWriMo kick-off meeting. It was interesting and fun to be in the same room with all those other authors. The pent up creative juice was threatening to spill over the walls and I’m currently writing this blog post because if I don’t I’ll start on my novel.

Counterfeit Horizon is mostly outlined and when I open up the file that organizes all the character sketches and plot information I should not feel these butterflies in my stomach. But they are there nonetheless. It feels in some ways much like starting-line sickness I’ve gotten waiting behind some arbitrary line right before the starting gun signals the go.


I am ready for this. This story will be entertaining and compelling. You will all love the good guys and love to hate the bad guys. And even if you don’t, once its been through editing, you’ll buy a Kindle copy out of pity and because its cheaper than putting loose change in my cup on the corner.

So I’m going to hit the hay for the night, tomorrow I’m going to go back through the outline one more time. I’m going to sleep like a stone, even though there may be snow on the way, because I am the man with a plan. I can trust my planning ability. Today I am on the safe side of the starting line, but soon I will be marking progress with that shuffle-step-stride toward my first novel length story.

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