This weekend, FeetForBrains passed 200 posts. There are also many, many pages although most of them are now hidden from you guys. I usually leave comments open on blog posts and even on some of the pages that you can access. But it is a rare day when anyone other than me posts a comment on the blog.

Press me
Press me

This icon near the bottom of the page is what you click if you’d like to open up a discussion with me via FeetForBrains. Looking forward to hearing more about what you think.

2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. See I just always respond on your FB page because it is my preferred method of communication. But I read your blog everytime you post something. And once my dad reads The Big Red Buckle I’m going to make him give me a review over the phone and I’ll post it on Amazon. Because honestly trying to walk him through how to navigate to Amazon, figuring out how to find the page, post the review etc. would make me want to drink heavily and probably cry.

    1. Thanks, Facebook does work well for this sort of thing as well and the blog records how many people are reading just the same. If I virtually project my consciousness onto the internet however, the blog is “where” I live. Facebook and even my FB author page seem very distant to me.

      Thanks for passing along tBRB to your Dad and for helping him give it a review. I can completely understand how difficult it is to walk our parent’s generation through some of this stuff. My Mom avoids Facebook like the plague. Just not interested.

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