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I have no fans

I am waiting on a “webinar” with Hugh Howie to start and browsing through Kboards while simultaneously avoiding the next chapter of “Up Slope” and packing for my trip to ConFusion later this afternoon when I come across a reference to a new site called BookVibe. I know I should be working a little harder than this, and I’ll keep that in mind. I’m just feeling pretty low energy right now.

I searched on my book using BookVibe more out of curiosity than anything else. I like maps and graphs and other information dense displays. I clicked through and realized the the only link to my book in the last week was from a tweet I sent to Vellum to thank them for their amazing utility.

For the sake of comparison I searched on a favorite of mine, John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s World“. His book has been out there for a while and has affected many people. But even seven years after its first publication it’s still getting daily, unsolicited mentions — about 20 per day.

Man, that’s humbling. How do you reach those people? Most of Scalzi’s mentions are from people who just read his book. The picked it up on Amazon or bought a paperback from B&N.

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