Little Red on Big Red Buckle

Let me tell you, as an author, this moment feels a lot like being made. Andrea Johnson, over at Little Red Reviewer, just reviewed my first book THE BIG RED BUCKLE. There is a lot in here that makes me happy with the book, especially bits like this.

THE BIG RED BUCKLE certainly has a lot that’s endurance sports related, but I saw it first as an underdog story, a story of honest teamwork and intelligence vs who can spend the most money on high tech equipment.”

Andrea isn’t a sports enthusiast. She probably had never heard of paragliding before reading THE BIG RED BUCKLE so it’s a special sort of glee I’m soaking in right now. She got my story. A full on grok, fully.

Despite the all the lingo, the weather geekery, and the story’s endurance sport roots it is still just a story about people. That made me a very happy author.


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