I’ll Be Going Back There

Something like summer today, oh yeah! Aral and I went down to the valley for some breakfast, coffee, company, and network-not-offered-by-CenturyLink. We left the house early, but the sun came up this morning and meant business. I needed four wheel drive to get down the drive.

Click on Image for full details

After spending some time at our new favorite cafe/bakery we took off for Rabbit Valley. Past Mack is a small patch of BLM land that extends south from Interstate-70 to the Colorado River. When I was a kid I used to go out there and boulder around or run the single jeep trail that extended down the valley to somewhere near the river. I even recall on day, slipping around in my tiny little Honda Civic with my best friend Bryce and bald tires. I think we got stuck at one point and ended up pick the car up and putting it back on the road.

Playing in the sand

Back then, Rabbit Valley was a bit of backcountry nobody knew about. Not so any more. The BLM has installed pit toilets, camp grounds, wells, and even graveled a significant portion of that old road. There are trails everywhere, and while it wasn’t a bustling metropolis we saw many more people than I had expected.

Water break

Still the run was A W E S O M E! I spent a lot of time pushing the buggy through the sand, but it still felt fast. And oh man, that sunshine. I ran in summer short-shorts and a sleeveless jersey. And I got hot.

Aral only complained of “mean bumps” once, and it was more of a “he he, this is funny” complaint. Right now, much later in the evening, I’m feeling like a million bucks. I did just eat a really yummy salad, but even just a week into re-running my body is settling in to the pattern.

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