We haven’t seen Mommy for a while now. Don’t worry, the distance that separates us at the moment is all for a good cause, but that leaves Aral and I on our own. For the most part.

This weekend we have been invited to the Casa de los Abuelos which is allowing me to get caught up on some writing and exercise. Even a little bill payment and budgeting. It has also gotten me out of our temporary apartment, and away from the troll that lives below us.

Yesterday, I only got about 1,800 words down. It was slow going because I was preoccupied with trying to figure out how to handle the inconsiderate, and nasty dude who watches FOX news at two in the morning. I had almost convinced myself that moving out and living in an RV or trailer would be preferable. It was stressing me out, knowing that my tolerance for this one guy’s constant BS was fast approaching its limit, but eventually I was able to refocus, solve some real and immediate problems, and then nail some words late in the evening after getting Aral to bed.

Yesterday Ann Bauer, the author of a piece I responded to some time ago, posted a response to my piece.

Can I say that I was just tickled to see this come through my feed. It really made my day. The out of the blue appreciation for my situation was a welcome acknowledgement of the work that I do, day-in and day-out, while still managing to squeeze in creative time. Writing, amongst all my other responsibilities, remains a pleasure, something I can look forward to after a day of potty training and laundry.

Yeah, I do seek out and get help from time to time. Yes, Tess works very hard to provide for our family. But, at least for the time being, this is the way we’ve organized our lives. Our plan includes a writing career for me (pecked out after the sun sets and our little guy is asleep) and a plenty of stay-at-home parenting for our youngest. Tess is working, working hard, on her career as a data scientist and full-stack developer.

Today, I feel at least a little obliged to provide an update on the situation. Yeah, I’m still a vet. Yeah, I still deal with a busted leg and a seizure condition. And yes, I’m the primary caregiver for our three year old in a society that still belittles and sometimes emasculates stay-at-home daddies. The good news is, that while things have changed pretty dramatically since I wrote that response, they have gotten significantly better during that time. I have been seizure free for at least a year now. Aral is maturing and turning into a really sweet kid. Justin, my oldest, is looking at colleges and gearing up for that transition. And my Dad seems beyond the cancer. Tess is doing what she wants to do. So am I.

Aral is growing up quick and well and we are, for the most, a happy and functional family. There is still struggle in our lives, that’s life. But we’ve we’re not high centered any more.



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