North Valley Loop with Dr. Jekyll

North Valley Loop

Lately, Aral has been deep in the throws of a developmental transition. Anyone who has ever spent copious amounts of time around a toddler knows that these things come in waves. You survive them as a parent. If you can do anything to mitigate their impact on your life, you thank your lucky stars and survive.

Anyway, yesterday Nana and Papa came down to the valley and gave me a break. I spent the whole day trying desperately to catch up on my primary book project and since I nailed down another 2,600 words I feel like the day wasn’t wasted. But yesterday morning Aral turned into a Mr. Hyde and I acknowledge that I let things get that bad. So this morning, after an early wake up courtesy of our downstairs neighbor who enjoys watching Fox news at high volume, early in the morning and late at night (don’t worry he’ll get his), I set things up so that the little one would remain Doctor Jekyll for as long as possible.

The run around the north end of the valley worked. Aral got to get out at the coffee shop, eat a tasty second breakfast, and then enjoyed the ride through endless housing developments. Right now he is licking the peanut butter off one half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Happily. Put one up on the board for Daddy.

Now back to writing.


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