Per Capita, Australians Rock!

I spent the morning driving about halfway across Colorado, through nasty snow and blowing winds, with my youngest son to pick up my oldest boy, then most of the afternoon driving back through the same to my apartment on the Western Slope. The drive gave me plenty of time to listen my way through the majority of Jeff VanderMeer‘s ANNILATION, which to this point, has been a real treat (BTW thanks Andrea). That, and plenty of quiet time to contemplate a story outline of something new.

Yeah, another project on the shelf. Good grief, even if I had all day to write there is no way that I’d ever get to all of the ideas that keep piling up. But I really like this one so, when I got home and ensured that Aral made it into bed for some quiet time, I nailed down a story synopsis. Something else to file away for later? No, I’m certain I’m going to figure out a way to write this one. Soon.

“But what is it about?” you ask with a pouty lower lip. “You can’t make me talk,” I reply. Seriously, though it’s good.

Also, once I got home and had a moment to check in I noticed something. Australians, you guys rock, purely on a per-capita basis. Take a look at the image below, those are where the hits are from on FeetForBrains.

Peter is from Australia, and all 11 hits from the other side of the world are for his interview. Same thing yesterday. I predict a rise in southern hemispheric clicking tomorrow as well. With a land mass roughly equal to that of the lower US and a population only a sliver the size, you guys are supporting your new authors in enviable volume. That’s pretty cool. I’m not certain what it says about Oz beyond that, but cool nonetheless.

Now back to the grind stone. I need 1k more words before tonight. UP SLOPE must be completed!!!!!!!!!! < / heroicAuthorVoice>


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