I’m Outta Here

Yeah nerds, you heard me right. Bills paid, laundry is done, and I nabbed a few hundred words toward the completion of UP SLOPE. Aral is hanging with the grand parents this afternoon. What’s that mean? It means Daddy has some free time. Oh yeah!

What does Daddy do with his free time? Does he microwave a pile of corn dogs and munch on their shriveled remains until a feeling of satisfaction and peace overcomes his heart? Nope. Does he practice the nose-harp in while holding onto the dream of one day being the only symphonic nose-harp player in the world. No, sorry. Close, but no cigar. He runs. Runs and runs and runs.

This afternoon the Grand Valley will play host to a single competitor. I’m climbing the Colorado National Monument with my free time.

In other news, I came across this very wonderful piece by Krystal Ball on MSNBC. A wonderfully snarky bit of writing which I gobbled up and then smiled about all morning long.

See you after sunset, I’m outta here.

One more quick question. Does anyone have any experience using electrosimulation for endurance training? I’ve been contemplating integrating a Compex model into my training schedule, but I’m skeptical and a little repelled by the price. However, the testimonial information out there is VERY compelling.

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