CreateSpace, Hard Core

Mary F’n Poppins

I took the opportunity of nap time today to track down a missing package. After type-setting THE BIG RED BUCKLE and running through a proof it was my intention to order a box of books to take along with me to Emerald City Comicon last weekend. The shipment was supposed to arrive two days before I planned on leaving, but with pre-trip preparations and a nearly finished manuscript breathing down my neck, when those gems didn’t show I honestly didn’t even notice. And now, today, days after I returned from the Pacific North West, it dawned on me that amongst the many boxes in our tiny apartment I could not find the one that should have contained all the books I was too sick to pass around in Seattle last weekend.

I started by calling UPS, the primary shipper. Their website said that I had received the books on the 25th of March (a day earlier than I had anticipated). Yeah, not so much guys. The guy on the phone was helpful enough and he informed me that UPS was only the shipper for the first leg of the delivery. They have an agreement for to-point deliveries with USPS, I should contact them, ask around, watch for kids passing copies of my book around the neighborhood, “Oh, and talk to CreateSpace.”

That last bit was probably the only useful bit of information I gleaned from this phone call. Eventually, after barking up USPS‘ tree fruitlessly for a while, I called CreateSpace‘s support. You give them your phone number via a web interface and they phone you … right away! Seriously, my phone rang so fast my neck still hurts.

The support person listened to my complaint (I may be calling her late nights, after copious libations of tequila, when I’m lonely and need an ear) and then crushed my problem with her HEAVY METAL AXE. You know the one wielded by Mary Poppins.

Serious props go out to the folks at CreateSpace. You have empowered your people. A new box of books, shipped with the lightning speed of Mercury has been dispatched to my humble abode. Not only that, but at least one of your representatives has the sweet voice of velvet wrapped forge hammers. She gets things done. Eye of the tiger, laser focused, and all that.


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