Today I got my groove back on, oh yeah! I’ve been sort of wallowing in something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike self-pity. I’ve been underwhelmed. Distracted. I’ve let my discipline slide a little. And, as anyone who taps keys for a living knows, that’s when your word counts start dwindling.

This evening, however, I was able to get the baby to bed at a reasonable hour (although it did require a great deal of rubbing his back to get him to slip off into a slumber deep enough for me to leave his side). Once that was done, I brewed a second cup of tea, broke off a chunk of dark chocolate, and poured a generous slug of Cazadores Extra Añejo into a tumbler. Then got my stale ass into gear and began to twiddle my absolutely fabulous keyboard. Corporal Okeke is now more than just a contributing actor in my tale.

Also, and I say this in the same voice as a lover of app badges, I broke 40K words tonight. UP SLOPE is now a novella, which was my original goal, but the story isn’t done and I can’t imagine completing it before it hits novel length. So, yeah, I’m behind schedule just a tad, but the end product will be a full 200+ pages. And my delay is probably a good thing anyway, Jeff is currently on an extended spring break in Thailand and based on the photos I keep seeing on Facebook it’s unlikely he’s got much time to work on cover art.

Push Jeff, push!

So, march on, march on. In other news, this week I broke 40 miles of running. Standard aches and pains, nothing noteworthy there. But I’d like to point out that while pushing my child up the Grand Mesa earlier this week I was able to work out a great deal of the literary jumble for UP SLOPE as well some outlining for two other projects that should be close on its heals. Get your pencils ready Jeff, lots coming down the pipe.

The running has been very good to me. Aral seems to mostly enjoy it too, and I’m coming up with new and interesting strategies for making it fun for him. Plus I’m very much looking forward to running with friends later this spring. I can’t wait to have some company that does not periodically require diaper services or a pile of toy trucks to be happy.


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