Trying Something Else New

KDP just made a number of changes. Even better, per Amazon’s usual MO, they didn’t really mention most of these changes prior to rolling them out. That’s okay by this here indie, I have been trying like the Dickens to stay away from my sales reports. Write, son, write. Not an unkindly motto, but I’ve got to complete UP SLOPE.

Tonight however, I broke my reporting fast and glanced at my numbers. Good grief! No one mentioned that I’m invisible. I seem to have lost my corporeal nature.

Even though you cannot see me, I can see my sales numbers and they are horrible. But what do you know, KDP is now offering a free sales period once every so often. Just like in them olden days.

Starting on the 25th of April and extending through the 29th, you can try THE BIG RED BUCKLE for absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. That’s right. Give it a try. Free is once again the new free.

Don’t let that stop you if you have a cold, hard $2.35 burning a hole in your pocket before the 25th. Amazon is alway open. And just an FYI, Prime always “borrows” free.


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