The Guardian Legend Self-Published Book of the Month

During the flurry of twitter announcements from Hugo enthusiasts today I got this breath of fresh air from Hugh. Seriously made my day. As an author with a growing bibliography, little to no outside support or promotion, and exactly zero potential for a Hugo this gives me an aspiration of much more realistic scope. And is an direction that is potentially much more helpful.

Unfortunately, submissions to The Guardian Legend Self-Published Book of the Month are closed for April, but I imagine that if you start looking again near the beginning of May you’re likely going to find something similar.

The Guardian is set to become the first national newspaper to champion self-publishing on a regular basis with the launch of a new monthly prize that aims to find the best DIY novels.

The paper is teaming up with publisher Legend Times to support and showcase what it said was “the fantastic quality of writing that can be found from independent authors”, as the sector continues to boom. New figures from Nielsen’s Books & Consumers survey show that self-published books accounted for one in five of the 80m ebooks purchased in 2013. “No longer can the mainstream industry ignore what the general public have been reading and enjoying for a number of years, with many self-published authors outstripping the sales of novels published traditionally,” said the Guardian.

If you click on the article about the contest you’ll get a good bit of excellent information on the topic. Indies need something like this and I’m only happy to see it happening. I wonder how the lists will be curated? Honestly, I don’t think it matters much how you publish, the market has changed that much. But getting your work out there is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the never ending mountain of work you’ll be completing to find readers. Opportunities to showcase writing are an excellent and relatively low cost way to find these eyes and here, trad-pub and hybrid authors have a significant and enviable advantage. Check out the nominees for the 2014 Hugo if you need to confirm this.



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