Bow-Bow, Chica-Chica


I’ve been writing at Main Street Bagels, watching Aral and another little boy play in the phone booth, and sipping coffee this morning. Multitasking is well and good, but all I have left to write on UP SLOPE are the difficult bits and so it has been going slowly.

And so it goes, I took a break from UP SLOPE to check in on THE BIG RED BUCKLE. In case you hadn’t yet heard, I’ve reduced the first in the series to free in order to simultaneously motivate me to finish the second while I search for new readers. And the free campaign seems to be working.

Notice the screen capture above. Yesterday THE BIG RED BUCKLE didn’t even register on any of Amazon’s lists. Today, my first published work is above the fold in both its primary categories.

I know, I had to resort to free to get here, but at least in this moment it sure feels wonderful. My book is in good company. I’m really looking forward to hearing what these new readers might say about my baby. And, for the first time in a long while, I’m feeling optimistic.

The next milestone, from this point of view anyway, is to get 100 new readers. The price is right for a limited time only. So, tell your friends, and thank you for giving THE BIG RED BUCKLE a try.

In the mean time, if you’re nearby and want to get a free printed version of THE BIG RED BUCKLE, stop by Main Street Bagels this afternoon or catch me later at Lincoln Park play ground.


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