Northwestern Exposure

From Years Ago

As some of you have probably already seen we’ve been bee-bopping around the northwest corner of the States of late. It took a couple of months, but when we got Mommy back from Central America we collectively decided that her job search should focus on the west coast, with a particular emphasis on the stretch of land bracketed by in the south by the San Francisco Bay and in the north by the Boreal.

Today, Tess accepted a really fine position working at really innovative company in the Seattle area. We also signed a lease and are, even now, nesting once again amongst the alder tree fluff and the Thuja plicata.

There is still a whole lot of moving to be taken care of in the next month or two, but if there is one thing both of us have decided it is that once moved we’re really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hoping to stay in place for a while. You know, put some roots down, enrich some friendships, become involved, and cultivate some interests.


4 thoughts on “Northwestern Exposure

  1. Congrats you guys! BoT and I will miss the opportunity to hang with you and Aral in the GV this summer, but I’m glad your family is reunited again – I have no doubt Tess is over the moon to be back home with her men (big & small).

    • Likewise, wish we could hook up, but man am I relieved that we’re employed and have a place to live once again. Having Tess home has been wonderful. It’s amazing what a little separation can do for your relationship. Both Aral and I missed her more than we knew.

    • No mam, I did not. Sticking with writing and Daddy duty. Plus, as soon as we get moved in I’m going to open up a can of kick-yer-own-ass on my self. I’m going to miss a 50k this weekend and I’ve got a 55k scheduled for next fall. Add to that I really need to get moving.

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