The Real World

“This will go down on your permanent record. Oh yeah? Well don’t get so distressed. Did I happen to mention I’m impressed.”
— The Violent Femmes

Amy is spot on with this one. She worried that “she was very tired when [she] wrote this yesterday, so it turned into a bit of a rant,” but I don’t agree. Or if this is as rant-y as she gets she deserves a badge or something.
Anyway, some good words from a good author about a good life. Enjoy!

The Practical Free Spirit

I was poking around on Twitter, looking for blog post ideas, and I ran across Christopher Barzak talking about graduation season and the ridiculous “welcome to real life” rhetoric that goes on at this time of year. He had this to say:

“Your life is real no matter what you choose to do with it. Don’t let others impose their definitions of what’s real and what isn’t on you.”

I grew up with a very narrow presentation of what reality could be, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Our worlds tend to start out small. We model reality after what we have witnessed and experienced. Part of gaining wisdom, then, is being able to move out of the shadow of the Way Things Were during childhood to see the many realities that people are living.

Happily for me, I was always full of questions and an insatiable…

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