Holy Cow! Goodreads Giveaway

So sometime in February I purchased a good reads ad. According to their daily emails ~22,000 of you have seen the add and only two of those clicked through to check my book out. Needless to say, I’ve been underwhelmed by Goodreads ads for months now. Daily I get an email telling me how many more of you passed over my book. It’s a slow motion death by microscopic cuts to the ego. One which I am paying for fifty cents at a time.

So it was that, about the same time I bought my plane tickets to DetCon1, I decided that I’d likely have a pile of books to give away soon after the convention. “Why not,” I said to myself, “try out one of these new fangled Goodreads giveaways.” I wasn’t expect much of anything. Worse when I tried to embed the widget for the giveaway on my wordpress site I wound up covered in computer puke, head to foot. Late that night I sort of gave up and went to bed. Then I forgot about it.

Today — after a brief but informative conversation with Steve Drew, Super Fan and Emperor of r/Fantasy — I went and checked the giveaway I had previously scheduled. Now my chin has a bruise on it because that was unquestionably a jaw dropping experience.

Overwhelming response, no advertising

Yes, you read that right 169 people entered to win one of 20 copies with absolutely no advertising. Want one?


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