WTA Hike-A-Thon 2014

In 2009 I ran nearly every day during the month of August. I don’t recall the exact amount, but I know I raised nearly the most for Washington Trails Associations annual Hike-a-Thon. If I recall correctly, I came in second place. The following year, due to some soft tissue injuries and the pending birth of my second child I ran fewer miles, but with a matching gift from my employer we exceeded the fund raising efforts of the previous year.

Since we left Washington in 2011 I have been unable to locate a trails organization that does even a fraction of the good WTA does every year. These guys mean business, and considering the number of fallen trees and washed out water bars they have to contend with they had better be ready to step up. Personally, I have felt that loss. The years we spent in Colorado were marked by the decline of some of my favorite trails. Beautiful places neglected, or worse, good places used with neglect. That sort of thing happens. When it became apparent that we’d be moving back to the Pacific North West I got excited.

Now I get to work with excited, energized people who care about wild lands. So now our chance to rectify the intervening years. Click on the image above, let’s get this baby rolling. And remember, if you are lucky enough to be working for one of the many excellent employers in the Puget Sound you may have matching funds you can donate toward this cause.

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